Awesome React Visual Editors

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What are Awesome Lists?

Awesome Lists (opens in a new tab) are community curated lists of awesome things, they are a great way to discover new tools and libraries and are usually a pretty good source of unbiased, non-commercial information. I've used them a bunch of times and wanted to contribute to the community by creating my own.

What are React Visual Editors?

Tools that allow you to create user interfaces, without writing code that are compatable with projects written using React (opens in a new tab). These are usually drag and drop interfaces that allow you to create and edit components visually.

Why create an Awesome List of React Visual Editors?

Visual editors are a great bridge for technically adjacent people to contribute to projects. They allow you to create user interfaces without writing code. This is great for people who are not comfortable with writing code but still want to create interactive user interfaces. They are also great for people who are comfortable with writing code but want to create user interfaces quickly, easily or need quicker feedback loops.

GitHub - JPrisk/awesome-react-visual-editors: Everything awesome...

Everything awesome for providing content editors with a react based visual editing tool - GitHub - JPrisk/awesome-react-visual-editors

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